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Mare a Mare Centre

The Mare a Mare Centre is a hike that takes you quite literally from coast to coast through the heart of Corsica in seven days.

You can do this hike in both directions, but I recommend that you follow the suggestion in the official guide book and start on the eastern side of the island, near Ghisonaccia. That way, you start with two relatively easy stages of climbing. You will then spend three days in the mountains, going up and down. To conclude, a two day descent that ends in Porticcio, on the beach of the Gulf of Ajaccio.

Map of Corsica with hikes drawn in color - click for enlargement The Mare a Mare Centre can be combined with the Mare e Monti Sud, because they both have an end point near Porticcio.

Each of the stages is described here, along with helpful information and my personal experiences when I walked them in June of 2003.

Just as always, this hike can be walked in both directions. The official guidebook describes the route from East to West. But in whatever direction you walk, the markings in orange are always very clear and visible.

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