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Packing list

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The list below is what we used when packing for a 7 day hike on Corsica. Our objective was to bring everything we really needed, but limit the weight. We wanted to be self-supporting, not needing luggage transport.

We also wanted to pack as little as possible, so we could take it all on the airplane as cabin luggage. That way, you're very flexible and fast at airports.

When you really think about it, there are a lot of things you don't need. Why bring two sweaters, when you can wear only one at a time? Share your tooth paste, shampoo and shower gel. Use a small and light digital camera.

We managed to limit the weight to 10 kilos per person, including 3 liters of water during the hikes!

This is what each of us had in our back packs as personal items:

  • hiking socks (1 or 2 pairs extra)
  • 3 or 4 t-shirts
  • rain coat or poncho
  • underwear: 7 pieces
  • sleeping bag liner
  • pillowcase
  • small towel
  • tooth brush
  • passport
  • plane tickets

When we left home, we were wearing the following items:

  • underwear
  • zip off pants
  • t-shirt
  • fleece
  • hiking socks
  • hiking boots
  • cap

Then we had a number of items that we shared:

  • tooth paste
  • deodorant
  • shaving foam and hand shaver
    (Note: you can not bring shaving knives in your cabin luggage! Buy them when you arrive on Corsica.)
  • small bottle of shampoo
  • small bottle of shower gel
  • sun block
  • paper handkerchiefs
  • a few first aid items (plasters, pain killers)
  • mobile phone
  • digital camera plus extra memory and battery loader
  • maps and description of the hike and information about the gites
  • cash money to pay the gites (there are no ATM's in the mountains!)

We made sure that we each had room in our back packs for two 1.5 liter bottles. We bought the bottles just before we left for the first stage of the hike.

Note: since 2006, you can't take liquids in anything but minute quantaties in your cabin luggage.

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